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LSR X-RAY RECYCLING is a silver bearing company based in Houston, Texas. 
That provides service in the United States, Latin-America & the Caribbean. 

We are a company that takes pride in our commitment to customer service. And that has always based its experience to the things that make a difference.

That is why LSR X-RAY RECYCLING thrives on superseding its x-ray recycling competition in many levels. 

These are the things you should consider when making a proper decision that will benefit you.

The most important steps in choosing a reputable recycling company are: 
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Make the right decision and call LSR X-RAY RECYCLING & let us
handle all your recycling needs. 
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  • Making sure that there HIPAA compliant.
  • Do they pay you up front before they leave your premises?
  • Ask their method of transportation & safe guarding of patient information.
  • Ask for recommendations.
  • Ask any questions you need to know that makes you feel you’re dealing with a reputable company & if so, they shouldn’t deny any of the above.  

This is what we offer to make the process easier on you & your staff.

  • First we will determine what type of x-ray film you have & the amount.
  • We will quote you the daily market price per Lbs. in or out of jacket.
  • We will fill out the proper paper work that is required by law & for your documentation.
  • We will pay you in cash up front before we load any material.
  • We will make sure that everything is to your complete satisfaction before we proceed to properly load the purchased x-ray film.
  • We will provide at your request verifiable recommendations nationwide from numerous facilities.
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