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X-Ray Film Recycling – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q- Do you pay for our x-ray film & how much can we expect?
A- Yes. As an x-ray film buyer, we do pay you for your film. The price on x-ray film is based on daily mark prices; Quality & quantity please call for a quote today.

Q- Do you have nationwide pickup service to recycle x-ray film?
A- Yes. We have coordinated pickups nationwide, please call today and we will arrange a schedule date as to when we will be in your area.

Q- Do you purchase all types of x-ray film?
A- Yes. We purchase all types of x-ray film.
  • Non-Destructive Testing Industrial film.
  • Medical X-Ray / MRI.
  • Green film that expired.
  • Out-dated patient film in or out of jacket.

Q- Do you provide assistance in purging?
A- Yes. We offer assistance in purging with no additional cost to you!

Q- Do you purchase used fixer solution or silver recovery filters?
A- Yes. We buy the used fixer solution & the silver recovery filters.

Q- Do you offer free quotes or orientation on how to best process our x-ray recovery requests?
A-Yes. We offer free consultation to all our clients and help them achieve the best results and the most return revenue in cash for their film.

FAQs About X-Ray Recovery

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