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Today’s vast & growing demand to keep current with all of the radiological advances of converting to digital or digitizing existing x-ray films to view on PACS or EMR systems is very expensive but also very necessary. It is imperative that all health care providers be able to comply and adapt to this reality in the years to come.

That is why at LSR X-Ray Recycling we are proud to offer you free medical film scanning services. We will scan all your old or out of date medical x-ray film, MRI, CT, Ultrasound or Mammogram film into fully searchable digital DICOM format for viewing on your PACS or EMR system.

Our x-ray scanning service can convert your medical film to DICOM, TIFF or JPEG formats. All DICOM discs come with a DICOM viewer.

We use FDA approved x-ray digitizers to insure the highest quality scan.

The versatility and space-saving benefits of film in digital format are endless! You will improve your capabilities and minimize your work load just by converting all of your existing archived x-ray films to digital format for viewing. 
Film Digitizing Service
  • The Highest Quality Scanning.
  • Secure Nationwide Shipping.
  • Efficient Turnaround.
  • On-Site Digitizing Services are Available.
  • Free Sample Scanning can be Provided for Verification Purposes.

In return for the services rendered, LSR will keep your x-ray film for recycling purposes. 
And by doing so, all of LSR’s expenses will be paid for & no additional fees will be charged to our customers.
Just call today and setup an appointment with one of our business consultants.
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